A healthy mind inhabits a healthy body. Exercise is always good for your mental health. Qigong exercises are just the best moving meditation for people who face difficulties sitting while meditating.

We spent most of the time we sat down and doing nothing. Indeed, we lack physical movements, which then affect our mental health. Therefore, the exercise that calms the mind is a must for all of us.

Qigong exercises are perfect movement exercises that help you in perfect respiratory and breathing. It is also one of the best exercises for weight loss, fitness and health.

Qigong Exercises To Weight Lose

What Is Qigong?

Qigong is a traditional Chinese exercise that is all about calming your mind, body, and muscles through a series of movements. This exercise shows very positive physical health benefits (better sleep, lower blood pressure, weight) and mental health (reducing stress and anxiety).

This exercise is a combination of many exercises such as flowing movements, calm minds, and deep breathing. This is a typical Chinese combination of medicine, Chinese martial arts, and philosophy. Qigong is all and all extraordinary exercises have many benefits.

The Best Qigong Exercises

Are you looking for the best Qigong practice? The following are the most praised Qigong exercises that you must try at home.

Shake and Bounce Exercise:

Shake and bounce exercises are excellent exercises for people who suffer any trauma, feel depressed, experience anxiety, stress, or are very aggressive. You can do this exercise called shock and bounce exercises to help reduce your problems.

Ride the Horse and Draw the Bow:

Extraordinary Qigong exercises for beginners are “riding horses and drawing arcs” involving many movements. Indeed, you can never advance until you learn something complicated. This exercise is an annoying exercise that helps increase your blood flow and move more joints.

Willow Tree Qigong:

This exercise is like a heating exercise that you can do for about 5 minutes or more. Willow Tree is a simple swaying movement that you can do through your waist help. Believe me, this exercise will clean all your negative thoughts and fill your soul with positive energy.

Breathing awareness:

Do you know what’s most important in Qigong practice? Maybe breathe. Yes, your respiratory awareness must be accurate. This exercise consists of two types of breathing. Buddha or Taoist breathe. Davis breathes exercises will help you to relax your muscles while Buddha helps you fill your stomach with air and is good for perfect breathing.


All Qigong exercises are perfect for making your body and mind free of stress. If you feel sad or need help finding exercises to lose weight, fitness and health, you must start doing Qigong exercises at home. This is the best stress leasing and weight loss training that will benefit you in the long run.