Do you think the kiss is not important at all? Do you think that you know how to kiss? Do you want to know how to kiss your partner? Everyone likes to be kissed. If your partner says you that they like kissing, that doesn’t mean that you are perfect in it. Many times, your partner might not say you to build your confidence but you must focus on reality if you are not kissing. Kiss is the most skilled skill and most of us don’t give many important things. The lack of kiss does not mean lack of love and lack of intimacy in a relation. If intimacy is not important to you then you have to listen to the relationship.

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Happy Kiss Day WhatsApp & Facebook Status

Best Kiss Day

The funniest thing that a man can do is smiling in the middle of a kiss because he is very happy to kiss you.

That’s how he makes you feel, that is the way he kisses you is a way that makes you fall in love ..
One day you will kiss someone and know it is the lips you want to kiss for the rest of your life.

It’s not about butterflies in the first kiss, but they are there last.

Hug me when I was there, miss me when I don’t, kiss me every day, and love me for all eternity.

When he kissed me, I wondered how, in the rain storm I could feel like I was burning alive.

I fell worth every kiss that I relaxed in each of them gone part of my heart.

Kissing like drinking saltwater. You drink, and your thirst increases.

Kiss is like a bee sucking honey from flowers and honey never ends.

Kisses without hugs such as flowers without aroma !!!!

Smile! It’s the second best thing you can do with your mouth. But I like the first 😉

The soul met the soul on loved lips.

Kiss is an event that is likely to depend on vital statistics 36-24-36.

Kiss is an unisexual salivary bacteria exchange.

Kisses without hugs such as flowers without aroma !!!!

Smile! It’s the second best thing you can do with your mouth. But I like the first
I suspect every serious reader has the first big book, just the way anyone has the first kiss.

The first kiss between two people is something very good in life.

How far the stars appear, and how far our first kiss is, and ah, how old is my heart.

I can’t read the lips unless they touched my belonging.

Love is what makes you smile when you are tired.

What is a kiss? Why is this, because some agree: fitting, sweet cement, glue, and lime of love.

Welcome each other with a charity kiss …

Life, natural gifts, love, gift of life, kissing, love gift

Stolen kiss is always the sweetest

Kiss Day was one day from the whole week of Valentine and it was a day of couples from all over the world waiting. This is the day when someone can display their love and desire to their partners through a kiss while some prefer to take it slow and stable. Make sure you know what your partner prefer and reply to their kiss with your own unique style. Kiss allows you to relieve yourself from all tensions and pressure. You have to increase your anticipation and kiss is the most beautiful gift.

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What kiss means!
Kiss in hand = I like you,
Kiss on cheek = let’s become friends,
Kiss on the neck = I want you,
Kiss on the lips = I love you,
Kiss elsewhere = ….
Don’t get carried away at the atmosphere!

Kisses not like Nokia … connecting people
Kiss is not like Nike … only do it.
Kisses not like pepsi..yeh dila mae more
But the kiss is like pan parag..ek seja kya hoga
What kiss is in view …….
Geometry: – “The kiss is the shortest distance between 2 lips”
Economy: – “Kiss is the requested thing
Always higher than supply ”

Kiss is something
You can’t give without taking it
and can’t take it without giving.
Do you know D forms of kisses miss
K = kiss
I = is
S = so
S = sweet.
M = Miss.
I = is
S = so
S = Section.
It feels sweet & sexy

Love can be expressed in many ways.
One way I know is sending him across the distance
to people who read this.
Happy Kiss day.

Select number between 1 and 10
and I will tell you kind of kiss
You will receive from me.

To give someone a single kiss,
Take one of their lips between yours
Suck or pull it gently.
This is a very romantic kiss,
And if you do it right,
You will send tingling up and down your sweetie’s spine.

Ladki ladke ko kiss karti him,
To Lade to Gal PE Lipstick Lag Jati him.
Ladka wahhe ye kya kiya?
LADKI: In order for Kuch Acha Karne SE
Dag lagta her for her sick dag …

American girl kiss, very sweet
Kiss from Australian girl, oh very hot
French girl kiss, once again
Kissing of Indian Gal, Kro Lakan Ko Bolna Nai.

(‘V’) (‘v’)
(()) (())
– “-” – “-” – “-
Dear approach me …
(‘V’) <‘)
(()) (/ /) –
– “-” – “-” –
Kiss on your fat cheeks
(“> <“)
(()) (/ /) –
– “-” – “-” –
Kiss on your bright lips

My love for you grows more with every day passing,
Your Cantikm’s mind took my breath
Brown eyes filled my soul with happiness,
Delicious lips that I like kiss.
Happy Kiss day.

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Kiss Day especially for those who feel that there is no passion in their relationship. You have to spend more time with your partner and spend time kissing. Pressing your lips against other people can be very extraordinary. Also, get some Kissapp and Facebook kiss status messages to send to people you love and thank them because they are there for you in your own way. Let beautiful words express your feelings to all who are close and loved.

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