Everyone knows that the fashion industry takes victims on the planet, and all consumers must change their purchase habits to limit their impact. Switching to a sustainable wardrobe is practical if you want to reduce the damage you do on the planet. This article provides some suggestions about making capsule wardrobe that are practical, stylish, and catch the public eye.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

The capsule wardrobe is a small collection of items that you can easily mix and match each other to make clothes as much as possible. The purpose of the capsule collection is to match and pair elements in different ways to get various clothes. In this way, you have a small number of items in your wardrobe, but you can make countless combinations and look fashionable. While the number of clothing elements can vary according to where you live, it is recommended to have from 25 to 50 pieces. The secret is to have some basic and eternal parts that look good, whatever the current fashion trend.

Why is a capsule collection sustainable?

The purpose of the capsule cabinet is to minimize the amount of items you have and slow down shopping. If more people will turn to capsule cabinets, the industry will experience a decline in consumer demand and reduce production from fast fashion manufacturers. If you have capsule cabinets, you don’t feel constant need to follow the latest fashion trends because you have many versatile pieces to arrange various clothes and wear them throughout the year.

capsule Wardrobes

When you switch to capsule collections, it’s important to choose high-quality pieces. You have to buy only a few items, so choose a sustainable brand and ethics that make clothes that survive instead of goods designed to survive only one season. If you have a wardrobe throughout the year, you are no longer tempted to make impulse purchases and therefore save a lot of money. And where do you calculate that you also have a neat closet?

How to create a sustainable capsule collection?

It might seem challenging to collect items to make capsule cabinets, but you will no longer feel overwhelmed if you check the following recommendations.

Pick the colour base for your wardrobe

The basic color is very important because it sets the tone and forms the foundation of the wardrobe. The basic colors must be easily matched with all the other colors of the Navy to be brown and black. When you take it, consider the color you like and adjust your skin tone. Choose the color you like to wear, and it completes and highlights your features.

Purchase essentials in a timeless style and neutral shades

Choose the top essential and top design that has never been outdated. Everything from a little black dress to a white button shirt, the lounge of nudih stains or trousers installed well is very important in capsule cabinets. Choose the pieces of important clothes in neutral colors that work with your base color. Beiges, Blacks, and Whites are the most popular choices. Pajamas are one of the important clothing items you need in your capsule cabinet. When it comes to your sleepwear, you don’t have to hold on to the nuances of neutral. Play a little with texture and color and choose some mens pajamas that are convenient for holidays in festive models and patterns.

Choose a couple of items in accent colours

Color accents are a great way to make your clothes stand out and show your personal style. Choose your favorite colors such as pink, roses, plum, teal or magenta, and match them with the rest of the wardrobe. Remember that everything you buy must match other pieces in your wardrobe. If an item does not work with at least half of the items you have, do not buy it because it will be stored in your wardrobe and trigger unnecessary shopping.

Add some layers and patterned items for diversity

In addition to basic and important items, you also need some pieces of statement to make your wardrobe fun and easy to do. Pattern elements can include points, checks, lines, and floral motifs. Choose more according to your style, and don’t buy something just because of the trend. Permottered goods can be dressed, tops or bottom; You decide which one is the most suitable for you. You can even add a patterned jacket, blazer or coat, as long as you respect the rules of everything that matches everything. Coordination is very important when you make a collection of capsules.

Buy high-quality shoes that match your capsule clothing collection

Make sure you have some shoes in the basic color collection, some casual shoes such as sneakers, and some naked couples. If the winter is cold in your area, invest in a pair of high-quality boots to keep your feet warm and comfortable when the temperature goes down. Consider where you wear your clothes and if the shoes you choose can be accepted for this purpose. Also, remember that you need some practical shoes for everyday activities.

Don’t forget to purchase accessories

Accessories are very important for all kinds of wardrobes because they keep clothes stay fresh and give them a style full. Get some statement necklaces if you want to dress your casual clothes. Don’t forget to get two or three bags that match most of your clothes. Black and naked bags work with everything.

Consider your body

Before leaving in the spring shopping, specify what type of body you have and what elements will praise better. Fashion expert states that you have to wear items that are more suitable for your body. Make sure every item of the clothes and accessories you buy flatter.

Because you will wear the same item more than once, just buy high quality fabrics for the last wear. Buy good quality goods that are not used easily limit your fashion shop visit and ensure that your wardrobe lasts for years.

Before you buy the item, ask yourself whether it works with at least half of your wardrobe. Try to describe clothes that you can collect with the items you want to buy. And no less important, keep in mind your lifestyle and daily activities when you save your new wardrobe because they determine the type of clothing items you have to buy.