WhatsApp successfully for customer support

How to use WhatsApp successfully for customer support

WhatsApp is an excellent platform to interact with family and friends. But did you know that you can also use it to connect with your customers too? Read it for reasons to use Whatsapp as a substitute for an email and ways to do it successfully.

Why use WhatsApp for customer support?

WhatsApp is the main social application in Asia, which means most of your customers probably have it on their phones. Customer support is supposed to offer convenience both to the customer and the support team, and that’s what WhatsApp offers. Users can view your message at their convenience, preferably at the same time they open the application to check other personal messages.

Emails and other traditional B2C communication channels do not offer the same convenience. Some users take days or even weeks to check their emails and go through messages. Even worse, your message can go unnoticed if it is hidden in a pool of other unopened emails, so there is a chance that some people will even know you try to reach them.

WhatsApp resolves this by providing a way to know if your message has been received and read. You can even wait when the user is online and engages them in a live discussion.

Another advantage of using Whatsapp on traditional channels is that your support team can create a group and address common customer concerns without repeating them again and again. Most customer problems are linked and users can learn more about your product by reading existing threads.

Finally, the application does not require much data to open, which is beneficial for users who do not have unlimited internet connections.

WhatsApp customer support

How to manage customer requests on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is not only to disseminate complaints and ask questions. It can also be used to receive and respond to customer requests. Businesses such as online casinos that serve hundreds or thousands of players can use the best use of this platform.

Some online casinos in India are already using WhatsApp to complement traditional communication channels. Users can send requests directly from the site and a support agent will be on hand to answer.

WhatsApp support 24 / 7 days in a potentially unprecedented attempt to make the application a primary support platform. This has been very useful because Whatsapp is the number one chat application in India.

If you want to try the same thing for your business, start by downloading the application and configuring a business profile. Provide the name of your business, which you offer and support hours clearly and concisely. Your profile picture should be your brand logo and there should be no emojis used in the details.

Make sure that the smartphone you are using is always loaded and the notifications are enabled.

Then provide the WhatsApp number from your business on your site. Some people prefer to place a link on each of their pages to save the users the hassle of collecting the number first.

Whenever you receive a WhatsApp notification on your phone, open the message and instantly return to the user. Do not leave any blue checked messages. If you do not have an answer to your loan, inform the sender you will respond in a timely manner. Provide a reasonable time for that.

Advantages of integrating WhatsApp in your customer support

Here are some of the benefits of using WhatsApp for customer service:

  • It does not require a mobile phone
  • It allows you to communicate on the world’s most popular discussion application
  • Your support team can answer anytime and anywhere
  • Your support team and your customers can indicate when their message has been received and read
  • It’s convenient for live discussions
  • You can tell when the customer is online
  • It facilitates the easy sharing of images and video content
  • You can create groups and add customers with similar concerns

The appearance of WhatsApp does not lack extraordinary. However, many businesses are reluctant to take it and integrate them into their customer support. You can use the WhatsApp feature to improve your customer relationship and stand out from the crowd while saving a lot of support costs. Remember to remain professional and help with every meeting you have with customers.

Video Marketing Guide For Small Business

Video Marketing Guide For Small Business

Marketing for small businesses is a big challenge. Without an adequate budget, time, or skills needed, small business owners rarely have the opportunity to make their business stand out from the others.

However, with access to the Internet to be more affordable, and the internet population rising, it provides the perfect platform for small business owners to showcase their work. The use of video marketing has changed the marketing scene for small business owners, which have started using strong visual media to communicate with the audience.

Video marketing grows faster than before, especially on social media websites. People have received video content, and businesses that do not adopt video marketing strategies will lose customer involvement that they will get the opposite. Studies have revealed that customers will be four times more likely to watch videos about a product, rather than reading a long description. This shows the need for video marketing for small businesses.

The cost of perception has discouraged small businesses to utilize this strong marketing tool. In this article, we will see ways in which small business owners can overcome budget constraints and make exceptional videos.

Video Marketing

How Video Marketing Benefits Your Business

As we discussed earlier, video marketing is one of the most important tools in digital marketing strategies for any business. Let’s understand what makes it so popular.

In-Depth Analytics

Videos that are shared on the website provide a detailed analysis of how many times the video has been supervised. This gives you a clear picture of customers’ involvement in your page.

Videos Represent the Personality of the Company

Videos bring company personality, which helps create personal relationships with audiences.

Videos Help You Direct the Traffic to your Website

A video can help you maintain customers’ attention, and can direct more traffic to your webpage. Online ad maker application helps you in making interesting videos that can help you drive traffic to your webpage.

You Can Educate Customers Efficiently using Videos

The only purpose for making a video is to educate potential buyers about your product or service. In contrast to long text, videos can involve customers and educate them in an efficient way. This makes the video very valuable for marketing strategies.

It helps in Effective Content Delivery.

The overall content on the social media website or page is better with the use of video content. Effective customer involvement, higher conversion rates, and customer retention are some of the positive things carried by video content by itself.

Costs perceived from preventing businesses from using videos in their marketing strategies. However, the video you make doesn’t have to be perfect. All you have to take care of in the video is that the message must be displayed clearly, and neatly. In this section, we will see some tools that will be useful when making videos without burning holes in your pocket.

The Tools That Help You In Making Professional-like Videos in a Budget

Making great quality videos looks like expensive affairs at first. However, you can take advantage of the best budget that you have and still get extraordinary results. These are the things you must take care of.

Use of Animations and Graphics

The use of animation and graphics will help you capture the attention of the audience by adding entertainment elements and sending your messages effectively. The use of an online video editor application can help you create an interesting theme for your video. There are many other entertaining formats that can help you entertain your customers and educate them simultaneously.


Before starting production, it’s important to create a storyboard for your video. This is very important for the process of making your videos because it helps track your progress. Takedown the audience you are targeting, the message will be sent, and the way you want the message to be described is important things that must be included in the script.

Creating a Basic Setup

You must have a basic setting for recording your video. Settings must include a background, microphone, and camera to photograph your videos. It’s not important for your settings like Hollywood. All you need is a decent background, a basic microphone, and good quality camera. For cameras, you don’t need to come out. You have a great device right inside your pocket, and it’s your smartphone. As discussed earlier, creating video impact does not require the most expensive arrangement.

How Can You Distribute Your Video

After you make a video, it’s time for you to distribute videos so that it reaches a targeted customer base. The internet population is almost two billion, and more than 50% of people watch videos on various platforms. This fact is difficult to ignore.

The increasing internet population and increasing affordability of internet services have led to an increase in online marketing. Digital marketing utilizes all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among others to reach potential customers. This provides a way for businesses to make money online.

The social media platform becomes environmentally friendly, which is an added value for video marketing strategies. Small businesses can use the area offered by the social media platform. This will help them achieve not only a large client base but also expand their boundaries.

Businesses can also use videos in digital newsletters, which are a great way to keep customers on loops and ensure higher customer retention.


Small businesses are unable to buy professional video makers for their marketing. However, this should not prevent them from using this impact tool in their marketing strategy. Providing valuable information to customers through video will ensure higher brand recognition, build brand trust, and involve customers. These factors can ensure significant leaps in the income generated.

Amazing things that can be done in South Africa

South Africa quickly turned to the capital of world experience. And the pleasure of visiting the country two or several times and has found many activities in South Africa. If you want to explore South Africa on this holiday, then get our plane tickets at low prices in your budget and also do amazing things with your family in South Africa.

Come Face To Face With The King Of The Jungle On Safari

Safari is to South Africa what is the great wall for China; It’s identical, important, and something that must be experienced when visiting the country. South Africa is probably the best place on this planet to recognize a very large five-match creature, an African elephant, lion, panther, rhinoceros, and Cape Bison. Safari exercises in South Africa can be loose or jam as you need, whether it is possible, it is very unlikely to control the miracle you will feel when meeting some of the most extraordinary creatures in South Africa.

Safari South Africa

Share a stretch of Boulders Beach with wily little penguins

However, a short drive from Midtown Cape Town will take you to Boulders Beach, however, arranged to fight some simple local people for sandy soil, seafront: this region is home to the state of penguin which makes the case for the beach back at The Seashore. The mid-’80s and never left. Their home is now asylum. You are welcome to get as close as you dare without contacting, but whatever you do, don’t take care of their Penguin Chomps is a big problem.

Kayak With Crocodiles

You feel brave, avoid pontoon units and kayaking on the water lane. There is only fibreglass that isolates you from the crocodile underneath. The water in the estuary is normal 1 meter and 1,200 crocs and 900 hippos can be sure they are hiding underneath, regardless of whether you do not immediately see it.

Have time stand still at the Valley of Desolation

The desolating valley is a wonder of unexpected soil located in graphaff-reinet. Vertical snapping and a hundred-meter high segment removed amazing and extraordinary dusks.

Land in the backyard of Dundi Lodge

Grass this hotel is a spacious plot of land serving as a private runway, which means you can provide flight sanctions that limit directly at the entrance to your rented lodge. Private overhang and rich sheet material will make it difficult to leave your room, however, Augrabies falls which include locale, prestigious because of experience addicts, worthy of being investigated.

Turtles Laying Eggs

St. Lucia is probably the best place on this planet to see tailap skin and wrought turtles lay eggs. Your visit starts at 9:00 a.m. and goes on until morning. You graduated directly through Isimangaliso wetlands and we saw Rhinos, Hippos and the smallest reptile in the world. Unfortunately, we did not get the chance to see the turtles applied, but we saw the actual side of Mother Nature because a Jackal had found an egg house and benefited from the turtle we would incubate.

Go boldly down the Orange River

Not far from the outskirts of Namibia, the stretch of the Orange River is the longest flow in the country in the Augrabies waterfall area full of adrenaline Junkie who hopes to shoot Class V Rapids but there are many parts where simple paddles for students. All visits can accompany the guide; The Graver can wander downstream performance.

Kruger National Park

Regarding natural life, Kruger is one of the most important national parks in the world. Various, thickness and number of practical creatures is unmatched, and the overall special safari species in Africa. Read – Honeymoon Destinations in Turkey

Stay in a five-star hotel near the Cradle of Humankind

Collect homini, a boutique inn in Muldersdrift, sitting a little far from the cradle of humanity, where humanity is expected to have begun. This five-star inn is tucked into a legacy game, however, what separates it is that generally underground, with cave style housing. Stone dividers are decorated with human historical backgrounds, and at locations, grant-winning cafes, roots, plate fees such as squid tubes, clear ink noodles, and Mission sheep.

Three Rondavels Viewpoint

The feature of the area, with an extraordinary perspective on the large round of this stone, the pointed peak, green looks like Goliath bit cut into the side of the cliff. There are short streets in the area which includes too. If you want more details about the airline then communicate with our Alaska Airlines customer service numbers.

Swimming With Great White Sharks

If you think this is just a movement to cut and ensure Scuba Jumper, you are out of the base. While the facts confirm that the leap of shark restriction is an act of intense brave, there is no extraordinary ability to abandon this experience. Natural South African sharks include large white skin which is very close to the security of metal cages. It can even be imagined to swim “free-swimming” with other shark species, just like Scuba jumping for the jumper which is confirmed.

Here’s what you need to know about combining your PDF with PDF Bear

PDF files are an important format for someone to receive, save easily, or send personal or business information. People can combine their PDF files into PDF files and achieving that is quite easy with PDF Bear. This platform is quite useful, and anyone can use it without spending cash. Users can make a combined PDF easily, and they can reach it in under one minute. Apart from these things, people can use PDF Bear anywhere they are. With that, this is what you need to know about combining your PDF with PDF Bear.

Easy to Follow Instruction

PDF Bear is able to provide a quick combining tool that you can use at no cost. PDF bear services are not only to combine PDFs, but users can use it in compressing, converting, breaking, repairing, or protecting their PDF files. The merger is fast and easy to handle, and you can combine many PDF files without reducing the quality of the document. Individuals only need to run a short process, and after that, they can now take advantage of newly combined PDFs.

PDF to PDF Bear

Merging Bear PDF quickly and comfortably if you want to use it in combining your PDF and changing the files to PDF. If you don’t know what to do, don’t worry because it provides instructions that you can easily follow. This is how to combine PDF:

  • Select or drag PDF files to the PDF Bear merging tool.
  • The merger process will begin after you are done with the altercation file.
  • Start with a file modification, then press the “Combine!” button to start joining.
  • After combining your PDF, you can now download files or share them.

PDF Bear Can Support Different Platforms

With this platform as your software in managing your PDF, it is important that each platform can read it. Users can utilize PDF Bear in different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. Using a Simple PDF Bear Merging Tool; Just select the device and have a decent internet connection.

Online-Based Merger

Besides being useful, PDF Tools are online-based bears. This means that anyone with devices connected to the internet such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops can access different PDF bear features, especially merger tools. Utilize this merger and start using it today.

It Features The Cloud

The cloud system is a reliable feature, and combining your files will not be a problem for your computer’s memory. When you use a different PDF Bear tool, your computer’s HDD memory capacity will not decrease slightly. Everything is done in Cloud; That’s why combining your PDF and saving them won’t make it difficult for your life.

Safe and Secure Platform

PDF Bear can help you keep your files safe. After downloading and uploading your data, the server will delete the file after one hour. It is to ensure that all files will remain private and limited.


PDF Bear is able to help many individuals to handle their PDFs such as converting, splitting, compressing, and combining them. With this platform, you can easily do those things in seconds.

Teddy Day

Status and messages of Teddy Day Lovely for WhatsApp & Facebook

Status of the teddy day >> Remember to embrace your favorite teddy bear when you were a child? Give your Valentine a teddy bear this year and remind him to the warmth and love they felt as they hugged their teddy bear. No one can resist soft and embrace the touch of teddy bear. Almost everyone chooses and embrace a teddy bear when they see it anywhere. Get Teddy’s favorite color for your partner and do it according to the choice of your partner. Teddy Bears is the most popular gift for Valentine’s Day. Some teddies also come with a pre-recorded message “Happy Valentine’s Day”. You can record our own message for your special.

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Happy Teddy Day Status for Whatsapp & Facebook

Love me love to my teddy bear, kiss me kiss me my teddy bear, hug me hug me my teddy bear, happy bear day bear.

Teddy bears do not need hearts, as they are already full of love. I am your stuffed with a big heart.

For me tolerate the most beautiful wife, which is certainly my life, this teddy bear is a sign that you will be forever mine.

A bedroom without a stuffed teddy is like a face without a smile.

By giving you this teddy, I want to show that I’m ready, to make you mine and fill my life with sun …

Teddy bears do not need hearts, as they are already full of love. I am your stuffed with a big heart. Happy stuffed day.

Teddy Day LovelyYou are my teddy bear, I love being your teddy bear, I love 2 hugging yourself, happy teddy bear day.

You do not need words to show that you care about someone. Like Mr.Bean, he barely speaks, but he never leaves his stuffed animal.

It’s a teddy bear day, and I’m thinking about someone cute and huggable, who are you? Happy teddy bear day.

The soft teddy is there to show, I will always be there, this you must know … Happy teddy bear day.

Nothing is good, but when I’m with you, everything is good. Happy stuffed day ..!

Love is the heat … you are sweet … when two lips are among themselves. Then love is complete … Happy stuffed day

Aajkal to Ham Har Teddy Ko Dekh Kar Muskurate Hai, _kaise Bataye Enex, _ Hama to Har Teddy Bear Mein Wo Hi Nazar Aate Hain.Happy Teddy Day

A bedroom without a stuffed teddy is like a face without a smile.

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No matter how much we love people, a part of love is preserved for stuffed bears. Everyone loves Teddy Bear and must be waiting on February 10. The idea of ​​giving a teddy bear sitting with a box of candy is not bad either. The more your stuffed, the better it is. The teddy day comes with great emotion and happiness. You can receive the best embrace in the world from Teddies. They do not have a heart to understand us, but we still feel overwhelmed with love while they embrace them. People who love them unconditionally and treat them as a human celebrate Teddy’s Day with great enthusiasm and joy.

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Happy Teddy Day Messages for Whatsapp & Facebook

One bedroom without stuffed
It’s like a face without a smile.
By gift this stuffed animal
I want to show I’m ready
To make you mine
And fill my life with sun ..
Happy teddy bear

On the day of Teddy Bear, we think about people.
That they have encouraged and animated,
Let them come out of their way
Be kind and affection,
That have enriched our lives
Just for being themselves.
You are a person like that.
I’m so happy that you are my love
Happy Teddy Bear Day …

A sweet teddy bear,
To my sweet companion,
In a sweet events,
Only to say,
Happy Teddy Bear Day ‘

It’s a day of teddy bear,
And I’m thinking
of someone cute and huggable
That you are.
Happy Teddy Bear Day

Teri Meri Dosti Ka AFSANA BHI Hai,
It’s me I pyar ka khazana bhi hai,
Isliye Chahte Hain Aapse Teddy Bear Mangna,
Or AAJ to Mangne ​​Ka Bahana Bhi Hai,
Happy Teddy Bear Day

Stuffed Bear Day …
I love my stuffed animal.
Happy Teddy Bear Day
You are my sweetest teddy bear …
Happy teddy bear day.

Wen a touch could cure a wound.
The CUD of Wen Eyes speak volumes
Wen a smile can confirm that I’m there
So, why do words need words 2 say ‘I love you’?
Happy Teddy Bear Day ‘

I love myself my teddy bear
Besame Besame My Teddy Bear
Hug me hug my teddy bear
Happy Teddy Bear Day

By giving you this stuffed animal
I want to show I’m ready
To make you mine
And fill my life with sun …

You are in my thoughts and in my heart
Wherever I can go
On the day of Teddy Bear I would like to say
I care more than you know

I would like to be a cell in your blood,
So I would make sure that I was
Somewhere in your heart.
Happy Teddy Bear Day

To my most beautiful wife
Who is my life
This teddy bear is a sign.
That you will be forever mine
Happy Teddy Bear Day

The soft teddy, is there to show.
I will always be there
This must be known
Happy Teddy Bear Day

If you are a chocolate, you are the sweetest,
If you are a teddy bear, you are the most huggable,
If you are a star, you are the brightest,
You are my friend! U r D Better! Happy teddy bear day

Bhyj Raha Hun Teddy Pyaar
Rakhna ISE TUM Samhal Ke
Ho Mohabbat Hago Mujhse
to bhyj dena ek teddy mujhe bhi pyaar
Happy stuffed day

AAP Akele Chal Diya Ham Khade Rah Gaye
Har Baar Ki Tarah Aansu AJ Bhi Bah Gaye
Hamne Yaad Kiya Apko Har Lamha
Aur AP ne hans ke kaha
Happy stuffed day

Fark Sirf Itna Sa Hai Pyar Khuda Mein ..
Ek Ki Yaad Taklif Deti Hai,
AUR Dusre Ki Yaad Taklif Me Arai Hai
Happy stuffed day

I wish you all happy stuffed day. If you are looking for WHATSAPP status and Facebook messages, do not go anywhere. We have a large collection of SMS, quote, wallpapers, images, etc. They can make their loved one feel even more special. You can update your WhatsApp profile, send beautiful wishes to your loved ones and let them smile. Show the world how much you love your partner when updating their profile. Do not arrive late and update everything now.

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Message Teddy Day for Facebook

Hug Day

30+ Happy Hug Day Status and Message WhatsApp

Life is a collection of memories and experiences. Incidents that occur in your life define you as individuals. Hug is the simplest way to express love and affection. We embrace the people we love and express our attachments to them. Hugging has positive quality and self-esteem and it shows the expression of receiving a partner and becomes clear with them. This symbolizes that it spreads friendship among people who are loved. Hugs can stimulate relaxation of nerve responses and help you calm and stay comfortable. This reduces your strength and makes you more refreshing and relaxing.

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Find Hug day Whatsapp & Facebook Status

Hug Day Status

Hugs are handshake from the heart. So always stay close to my heart and the best hope on this hug day.

A pleasant arms and warm and charm, it must be why God gave us weapons.

If a hug represents how much I love you, I will hug you in my arms forever. Your Semogia Happy Hug Day.

I love you … I sent you a hug dear
Hugs are loving gifts that need costs and can be distributed for free to make love grow.

Love you dear on hug days.

I only love you! Hopefully my darling is a happy hug day.

I like to go with you

Like hugs, but hate releasing.

Several hugs are all you need.

Hug from you is the best thing in the world!

Everyone needs a hug. It changes your metabolism.

Hugs are the shortest distance between friends.

Happy Hug Day is a day to express your external love for your loved ones. Today is forgiving and forgetting the mistakes of your loved ones. WhatsApp day calls and Facebook status messages help you show love for your loved ones. Hug Day offers one one-stop solution and helps you to get rid of decision-making tensions in your daily life. At a time of despair, what you need is a hug. It loses effectiveness if your partner doesn’t listen to all your apologies. You have to get out, make a difference in your daily life and start hugging people. Celebrate Hug Day and maintain your relationship with your loved ones.

Find Hug day Whatsapp & Facebook Messages

Because my eyes look tired
Let your eyelash hug each other for several hours.
Happy to hug the day with my dear.

Help me, put your left hand on your right shoulder and
Right hand on your left shoulder. Guess what …
I just sent you a hug.

When you hug someone, it’s nothing.
When someone hugs you, that’s something.
When you love someone and they love you back,
That’s everything. ‘Happy hug …

Never ask for a hug just take it never ask if you love me say I love you
Never say I can’t live without you, I live for you. You have been trained
Now go and flirt!

Worried not to reduce sadness yesterday but empty the strength today so don’t worry about being happy and hugged life with a smile. Happy hug.

Never ask for a hug just to never ask if you love me say I love you never say I can’t live without you. You have been trained now go and flirt! Happy hug.

What the heart is given has never been lost, but is stored in the hearts of others, from dusk to dawn. Your day is from my heart’s core. Merry …!

Hug Day is celebrated on the 6th day of Valentine Week. You can also say that it is the 6th day of friendship. This is the main sign of the touch of affection. Boys and girls hugged each other to make their relationship long and go and make their partner feel safe and protected. This is a day of sharing your love and affection to people. Create your hug day special with WhatsApp and Facebook status messages. Show your personalities on social media by expressing what you feel.

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Happy Hug day 2022

Best Kiss Day Status

30 Best Kiss Day Status for WhatsApp & Messages for Facebook

Do you think the kiss is not important at all? Do you think that you know how to kiss? Do you want to know how to kiss your partner? Everyone likes to be kissed. If your partner says you that they like kissing, that doesn’t mean that you are perfect in it. Many times, your partner might not say you to build your confidence but you must focus on reality if you are not kissing. Kiss is the most skilled skill and most of us don’t give many important things. The lack of kiss does not mean lack of love and lack of intimacy in a relation. If intimacy is not important to you then you have to listen to the relationship.

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Happy Kiss Day WhatsApp & Facebook Status

Best Kiss Day

The funniest thing that a man can do is smiling in the middle of a kiss because he is very happy to kiss you.

That’s how he makes you feel, that is the way he kisses you is a way that makes you fall in love ..
One day you will kiss someone and know it is the lips you want to kiss for the rest of your life.

It’s not about butterflies in the first kiss, but they are there last.

Hug me when I was there, miss me when I don’t, kiss me every day, and love me for all eternity.

When he kissed me, I wondered how, in the rain storm I could feel like I was burning alive.

I fell worth every kiss that I relaxed in each of them gone part of my heart.

Kissing like drinking saltwater. You drink, and your thirst increases.

Kiss is like a bee sucking honey from flowers and honey never ends.

Kisses without hugs such as flowers without aroma !!!!

Smile! It’s the second best thing you can do with your mouth. But I like the first 😉

The soul met the soul on loved lips.

Kiss is an event that is likely to depend on vital statistics 36-24-36.

Kiss is an unisexual salivary bacteria exchange.

Kisses without hugs such as flowers without aroma !!!!

Smile! It’s the second best thing you can do with your mouth. But I like the first
I suspect every serious reader has the first big book, just the way anyone has the first kiss.

The first kiss between two people is something very good in life.

How far the stars appear, and how far our first kiss is, and ah, how old is my heart.

I can’t read the lips unless they touched my belonging.

Love is what makes you smile when you are tired.

What is a kiss? Why is this, because some agree: fitting, sweet cement, glue, and lime of love.

Welcome each other with a charity kiss …

Life, natural gifts, love, gift of life, kissing, love gift

Stolen kiss is always the sweetest

Kiss Day was one day from the whole week of Valentine and it was a day of couples from all over the world waiting. This is the day when someone can display their love and desire to their partners through a kiss while some prefer to take it slow and stable. Make sure you know what your partner prefer and reply to their kiss with your own unique style. Kiss allows you to relieve yourself from all tensions and pressure. You have to increase your anticipation and kiss is the most beautiful gift.

Message Happy Kiss WhatsApp & Facebook

What kiss means!
Kiss in hand = I like you,
Kiss on cheek = let’s become friends,
Kiss on the neck = I want you,
Kiss on the lips = I love you,
Kiss elsewhere = ….
Don’t get carried away at the atmosphere!

Kisses not like Nokia … connecting people
Kiss is not like Nike … only do it.
Kisses not like pepsi..yeh dila mae more
But the kiss is like pan parag..ek seja kya hoga
What kiss is in view …….
Geometry: – “The kiss is the shortest distance between 2 lips”
Economy: – “Kiss is the requested thing
Always higher than supply ”

Kiss is something
You can’t give without taking it
and can’t take it without giving.
Do you know D forms of kisses miss
K = kiss
I = is
S = so
S = sweet.
M = Miss.
I = is
S = so
S = Section.
It feels sweet & sexy

Love can be expressed in many ways.
One way I know is sending him across the distance
to people who read this.
Happy Kiss day.

Select number between 1 and 10
and I will tell you kind of kiss
You will receive from me.

To give someone a single kiss,
Take one of their lips between yours
Suck or pull it gently.
This is a very romantic kiss,
And if you do it right,
You will send tingling up and down your sweetie’s spine.

Ladki ladke ko kiss karti him,
To Lade to Gal PE Lipstick Lag Jati him.
Ladka wahhe ye kya kiya?
LADKI: In order for Kuch Acha Karne SE
Dag lagta her for her sick dag …

American girl kiss, very sweet
Kiss from Australian girl, oh very hot
French girl kiss, once again
Kissing of Indian Gal, Kro Lakan Ko Bolna Nai.

(‘V’) (‘v’)
(()) (())
– “-” – “-” – “-
Dear approach me …
(‘V’) <‘)
(()) (/ /) –
– “-” – “-” –
Kiss on your fat cheeks
(“> <“)
(()) (/ /) –
– “-” – “-” –
Kiss on your bright lips

My love for you grows more with every day passing,
Your Cantikm’s mind took my breath
Brown eyes filled my soul with happiness,
Delicious lips that I like kiss.
Happy Kiss day.

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Kiss Day especially for those who feel that there is no passion in their relationship. You have to spend more time with your partner and spend time kissing. Pressing your lips against other people can be very extraordinary. Also, get some Kissapp and Facebook kiss status messages to send to people you love and thank them because they are there for you in your own way. Let beautiful words express your feelings to all who are close and loved.

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Valentine Day

2022 Happy Valentine’s Day Status and Message WhatsApp

Valentine’s Day was celebrated on February 14 every year. This is one of the biggest ways to celebrate that day. Today is used to express your love and emotions to your loved ones. Today, people plan a surprise for their loved ones to make them happy. Apart from Valentine’s Day, several other days such as Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Janji Day, Hug Day and many other days celebrated. All boys and girls exchange gifts for Valentine today. Valentine’s Day is the most awaited day for all lovers. This is known as a lover day or Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Whatsapp Status

Oh, if it’s to choose and call my, love, you every day Valentine!

When love is not madness, it’s not love.

Gravity is not responsible for people who fall in love.

Love is a symbol of eternity.

Love does not dominate; it’s cultivating

Nothing good, but when I’m with you everything is good.

I will love you until the day after forever. Happy Valentine’s Day …

Travel because of love, you can wake up. Fall in love and you fall forever.

Be old with me! The best yet.

Love is a magician who attracts humans from their own hosts.

With a touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.

True love story never has a late.

The soul met the soul on loved lips.

Where there is love there life.

I love you because the whole universe conspires to help me find you.

I’m weird, you are weird. Everyone in this world is strange. One day, two people united with strange and falling in love.

If Valentine me, you won’t, I will hang yourself on your Christmas tree.
As a mobile or cellphone trend increases, people send text or text messages to their valentine today. The best and most romantic whosapp messages are shared with loved ones to show their happiness. You can send Valentine’s Day wish with your lover or ex BF or GF and win your love. Download special greetings with quotes and messages to prove love with your loved ones. You can go for Valentine’s Day dinner and exchange love greeting cards. Today is mainly celebrated to show love for your partner. Today, you can see love around.

Happy Valentine’s Day message WhatsApp
Valentine’s Day 2022.
Valentine’s Day was celebrated around the world on February 14.

“Love is happiness today, and promises tomorrow, so this warm tone comes to you, to say that you have to live with a loving heart. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!”
“Happy Valentine’s Day for the most special person in my life. You are my love, my heart and my joy.”

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from. I love you straightforwardly, without complexity or pride; So I love you because I know there is no way other than this: where I have no or you, so close to my chest on my chest, so close to your eyes asleep .-

A candle can melt and it’s a fire may die, but the luv you have given to me will remain _always remain as a flame in my heart. Happy Valentine…

Love is like a cloud … love is like a dream … love is 1 word and everything in between … love is a fairy tale that becomes true … B’coz I found love when I found U.
happy Valentine

When you luv someone, it’s not. When someone loves you, it’s something … When you love someone & they love you back, that’s everything.
happy Valentine

When you luv someone, it’s not. When someone loves you, it’s something … When you love someone & they love you back, that’s everything.
happy Valentine
Gul Ko Gulshan Mubarak Ho,
Chaand Ko Chandani Mubarak Ho,
Shayar Ko Shayri Mubarak Ho,
Aur Hamari is the level of the “Valentine’s Day” Mubarak Ho ..

LUV Number -> 143
Luv-> rose
Luv Place-> Taj Mahal
Day luv -> 14 feb ..
Luv Organ -> Heart
Luv Friends-> You … !!
happy Valentine

The way you laugh, make me smile
The way you talk, give me a butterfly
Everything about you, makes me happy 🙂
Can you make me happy for a lifetime with my Valentine?
If you are married, go and kiss your partner
If you have GF \ BF, go and kiss that person
And if you are single, kiss the ground and thank God!
Happy Valentine !!!

You might get a private gift Valentine’s Day online and serve it to your partner. Today is celebrated every day. Couples who are in long distance relationships, can send cards to their partners. Find the best Valentine’s Day status and messages and send it to everyone you love. Send Valentine’s message, quote, SMS, and greetings to your loved ones. We share valentine’s day status and profile pictures in Hindi and English so you can send them to your loved ones.

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2022

11 Best Christmas Destinations in the World for Magical Christmas Celebrations

Best Christmas Destinations in the World- isn’t just a meeting but an event that brings the planet within the superbly adorned tree. Some celebrate the festival in their own home although some like to explore various destinations around the globe. The celebration from the festival reaches past the boundary from the religion and placement as the whole world celebrates it with complete enthusiasm. Christmas is nearly here and you will have previously made intends to celebrate this festival in your special ways.

There are lots of wonderful Christmas holidaymaker destinations on the planet where one can celebrate the festival in an amazing way. Travel experts at EaseMyTrip did good research about the best Best Christmas Destinations in the World understanding your priority. Know of the best places on the planet to choose Christmas celebration inside a beautiful way.

Bethlehem, West Bank

Bethlehem, West Bank

Using the hectic schedule of existence, you’ve forgotten the actual concept of Christmas. To choose a Christmas family trip, visit Bethlehem because the celebration of the festival can’t become more striking compared to the birthplace of Jesus. It is among the best places to spend the Christmas holidays. The mere considered Christmas celebration on Manger Square as well as in that old City can fill the visitors having a heavenly dynamism. The festival of Christmas gets to be more incredible whenever you celebrate it at St. Catherine’s Church’s nighttime mass of Bethlehem.

If you value seeing Santa everywhere about this lovely occasion, the Arctic Circle of Finland is really a spot to go. The happy man in the red and white-colored attire is easily the most respected resident of the city. You are able to follow him in reindeer-dotted forests and observe his elves preparing the toys. The town results in a fantasy world and if you value celebrating a white-colored Christmas in Europe 2021, it’s the perfect spot to go. Being among the topmost Christmas destinations, Lapland features an incredible ‘Santa Park’ that may be your fun place.

New York City, USA

Christmas plays a vital role within the Empire Condition as numerous films have previously revealed it. With Christmas lights, tasteless muzak, a light dusting of snow, the town becomes a destination celebrating among the best Christmas around the globe. Readers are awed using the tallest Christmas tree around the globe in the Rockefeller Center and ice skating beneath it. There’s a great shop window displaying things in many preferred ways.

The Vatican, Italy

The gorgeous Vatican City remains attractive all year long however the month of December is actually magical here. It witnesses extra beats with roasted clichés offered on every corner and also the city is flooded with wonderful scenes. Vatican City on Christmas Eve attracts a great number of pilgrims and Nighttime Mass in St Peter’s Basilica and ensures them each day to keep in mind. To create your Christmas Eve more special, go to the city that’s one of the better Christmas destinations around the globe.

Bondi Beach, Australia

Bondi Beach around Australia is renowned for providing the contrary from the northern-hemisphere Christmas formula – snow and fairy lights. Only at that place, Christmas is well known with sand, sun, and surf which makes it among the best places to savor Christmas. The shore lures a large number of backpackers to leave their house and relish the most breathtaking Christmas celebration. An ideal festive atmosphere is produced here with Bands and DJs. So, if you wish to try different things about this Christmas apart from exactly the same Christmas trees and fairy lights, visit this area.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is yet another great place for Christmas celebrations on the planet. The story plot of Father Christmas (in your area known as Sinterklaas) is strongly told within the Nederlander capital, where every house from the 16th and 17th-century is adorned with sparkling lights at the beginning of December. To create Christmas more special for you personally, stay here till New Year’s Eve and revel in champagne and fireworks in Dam Square or even the Nieuwmarkt. Furthermore, don’t miss to participate locals for that celebration. Searching for cheapest cost flight ticket to fly Netherland? Use EaseMyTrip and obtain a flight ticket to the place at the cheapest cost.

Munich, Germany

Munich is among the most attractive Christmas destinations on the planet. Winter in Munich only denotes one hundred-feet tall Christmas tree within the Marienplatz over 24 Christmas markets. An excellent factor to savor listed here are mulled wine and gingerbread offered on the tram crossing that old city. On your trip to Munich, don’t miss to savor the live holiday music around the balcony from the town hall. It’s really fun to become here.

Prague, Czech Republic

The gorgeous town of Czech Republic – Prague looks beautiful on Christmas holidays. It is considered the most attractive Christmas destination around the globe. Apply for a wander around the historic Nerudova Street in Mala Strana and capture the views from the city’s Baroque and Medieval architecture. Watch an opera and revel in ballet in the Condition Opera or National Theater. Also, go to the holiday markets of Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square. Christmas is absolutely fun here.

Dublin, Ireland

Around the roads of Dublin, you receive the chance to perform a lot for Christmas. There are 12 Times of Christmas Market in the Docklands, with a lot of pantomimes, Christmas lights, and periodic cheers. These roads from the city are superbly adorned with fluids of lights. Kids can click on the elves’ workshops. Have a fun-filled Christmas only at that place.

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is popular because of its chocolates, mountain tops, snow, and cobbled roads. The area turns into a stunning location to visit around the occasion of Christmas. The markets from the city are crowded and individuals can also enjoy here led Christmas walks and singing Christmas trees. Rich in the enthusiasm for celebrating Christmas, the town invites the visitors for experiencing the most special Christmas Eve of existence.

So, where do you stand happening this Christmas?

Valkenburg, Netherlands

If you like doing Christmas shopping and exploring unique gifts like traditional Polish handicrafts, Marlstone products, and much more, visiting Valkenburg Christmas Market is going to be a great idea. It is among the best Christmas destinations on the planet, that is best famous for its earliest and largest undercover Christmas Market in Europe. The marketplace is made inside a labyrinth of passages of caves that are underneath the town. It opens in mid-November and works until right before Christmas.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is easily the most vibrant and affordable capital of Scandinavia as well as an amazing place to go for Christmas celebrations. Small yet welcoming, it’s a destination where individuals set the interest rate making its pre-Christmas activity quite simple to navigate. Tivoli Garden from the city customizes the look each year this time around with 500, 000 lights and a large number of Christmas trees. It makes a marvelous hub for the festive season.