The Alva Jay dreams we maintain and appreciate is what we finally become. This is saying that we have to hear millions of times in the chronicle of our lives. However, whatever we think of thinking might be interpreted the same we have never satisfied so we didn’t even approach it. To get what we pursue with all our mind satisfaction, we must be too determined and corrected in our intelligence. Obsession is sometimes considered abrasive but makes you close to what you are ideals. The best example of this statement also shows this by tasting its own life for this axiom is none other than Alva jay a beauty blogger.

she proceeded to cancel herself from all conventions and stereotypes to be a stunning sensation of beauty that had taken the world with a storm. She is a beauty blogger that makes progress into the fashion world by walking her dreams to become a trendy woman. she turns out to be a person who leads to an example, reflects the changes to motivate us in all the front.

As a resident of southern California from the background of a low step, he underwent a lot of trials and tribulations in her life. Financial expectations every day take a lot of energy from it in the form of working days and days as a contact lens seller. she is also a social media activist who constantly creates blogs about beauty regimes and fashion trends. Finally, the breakthrough occurred when she changed his overweight body into a fashion figure against all obstacles and made it sensational through this process.

alva jay

She finally became the attraction centre of all beauty fans and fashionistas made headlines in the beauty industry by capturing the attention of people around the world. From someone who was so closed and even photographed, she had posed and showed off images throughout the digital world shamelessly as a frontline model in command.

she easily became a prototype of a perfect woman besides raising them all to be their best personal and to make it happen with all Verve. Idioms and principles have scored features like that are to just follow your dreams until the seeds are on all edges.

Her motives and reflections:

Being fat to fit is a process that requires undue effort from someone. The features that are sculpted and ecstatic are testimonies about how they have transformed themselves as numbers that are overweight and body. She has shed almost around 30 lbs. In the range of one year showing the wonders of chasing dreams and making them right.

Maintain itself for the magic conversion above is about making peace in your way and accepting all that. That’s when the momentum to change clicks when you will also have the right courage and confidence to do it.

She has become a benchmark for beauty while also claiming that this is her intention in the first place. He aspires to be famous for fitness by making a buzz on all social media platforms and exactly where it has reached. He also provides guidance that is capable of the right sidewalk of perfect fitness for all women who store doubts about their bodies.

Her ideas about the pathway of success:

We are all familiar with the idea of ​​being judged by others. We always pay attention to what other people think about us and change us in all modes to calm the audience. Alva Jay, as a strategist and winner himself, says you have to care more about yourself than the tenders of other people’s desires. Become an influencer of beauty and rise above the bar, the ideology becomes successful is with self-improvement and thinking about your own progress.

According to Alva Jay, humans are multi-dimensions and extraordinary. What excites them more is the life of others other than themselves. They tend to lend ears to other problems or comment on the lives of others without basing or compiling. Even if they pose to help, it can be in the most careless way and not with their real intentions to improve you. All we have to do is have a leap of faith in ourselves and bend our ways to improve ourselves in all fields. We must be able to find happiness in our conscience and do not depend on anyone to lend the satisfaction.

To be able to reach the pedestal, we need to repair our target and work until we reach there without succumbing to a detrimental scenario. Developing habits and sticking to him as a regime in the most organized way can take magical results to surprise us.

Se also stressed the importance of carrying your own mind coat and dreams without building others. You must be your own dream nutrition and bear responsibility on your shoulders with all strength and courage. If you feel low, the best you can do is have that feeling. That way, you won’t end up disturbing yourself. He emphasizes the thing that we all just have to actively do things that make us happy and keep us peaceful.

Sometimes your import of skills will not be understood by your KIP and KINS. That’s the time you have to increase your enthusiasm and respect them with your best value for all the things you have achieved. When you are at the intersection to make a big decision in your life, you must choose your naluruary for anything else, because it will get you to the right path rather than a great support rental.

The importance of the importance as a sum states that we are jammed with work-life and commitment to people around us. It always throws our interests and makes us more sinking in our duty rather than ourselves. It will also find exists if we leave our beliefs to improve ourselves. However, we need to do that with all our courage and courage for that to land us in our dreams.


Alva Jay is a person who has opened the way to follow our dreams with confidence to be the person we want. It might look easy on words but it really needs a lot of perseverance to get there. She is a brilliant example to display the reality of the concept above by walking her dreams and reaching the pulpit. Let’s give our intelligence to strengthen ourselves and pursue our respective dreams in all their glory.